As many of you may have noticed, I have been inactive with posting recently. However, I have more exciting news coming, and soon I hope to be able to post weekly. For more info stay tuned!

Last day of school thoughts💡💭

Today is my last day of High School. Many thoughts have been flooding my head, and one of those is that I wish I would've spread the love of Jesus more than I have. I have about 30 minutes left to make a difference and that's when I realized that there are so many ways to make that difference. That's why I decided to hop on to my website and tell you all what I'm about to say. Jesus loves you! Maybe when I say that you're thinking yeah, sure...okay. Maybe you've been told that same thing several times before, I don't know. What I do know is that I make that statement in confidence. So many times have I sinned, more than I could possibly ever count. Guess what, though, every time Jesus forgave me. Every single time. Jesus loves me, and he loves you!!! It's time to put your past behind. You can sit in that chair or lay in that bed all day, thinking about what you could've done...or you can just decide to do it. I realize that in the past year, month, week, and even day  I could've done more than I have to make the change that I see in my dreams, but today, right now, that ends. I won't let the Devil continue to lie, and make me feel unworthy. Jesus brought me into this world, knowing that I WILL make a difference, and nothing will change that. That's what we ALL need to understand. We all have a specific purpose. All we have to do is LISTEN to Jesus, and do what he says to do. Fulfill your purpose! Make a change! 

Sunday School Fun :)

We had a great day in Sunday school this morning with 9 rededications! So proud of these kids! One thing I taught was that just as God made Joseph a successor even when the enemy fought against him, he will do the same for all of us!

#JoyInJesus #Joseph&TheCoatOfManyColors


Check out the new events in the events page!😁

What’s your gift?

“God has gifted us all. Use your gift. Train yourself. Fight the fight. And you shall be blessed!” - quote by me

If you don’t know what your gift is you may want to set aside a day to focus completely on God. Read and pray daily. Lastly, glorify his name, and know that God has a specific and special gift just for you!

In light of school season returning this week, I thought I would share something with everyone. "When the Devil cuts (using scissors) your life apart, God can glue (using glue) it back together!" ~credits to my church family for coming up with this phrase for our community "Tools for Schools" event...We've all made mistakes and allowed the Devil to cut into our lives at some point, but don't let your past distract you from you future. Hand over your weaknesses to God and allow him to strengthen you as you live your life for him! 

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬...Be Joyful. Be Happy. Be Godly.

Just a few of the many blessing God gives us in our every day lives! Take a moment and think of where you would be without these blessings and then praise God for what he has done in your life! Go check out Lecrae- Blessings on YouTube! Thank you all, have a blessed day!!!

Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be sure to spread this word to your friends and family. Don't give in to fear. Live life through Christ. Hope this message adds a little bit of joy and confidence to your day!!! Love you guys! ❤

#Genesis1onthe1st6Days #7thDay

#Genesis1onthe1st6Days #7thDay

#Genesis1onthe1st6Days #7thDay

Genesis 2:1-4 ... And the 7th Day was declared Holy... I am on the 7th Day of creating my website, and I have done nothing compared to what God has created but I hope that this site will help us all grow closer to our Creator. ... For many of my friends, tomorrow will be the day that you see this page, and I just want to say that I hope we can all spread the word of God. We are all so blessed! I may not post something every day from this day forward because the number 7 is special and I feel that this is what is meant to happen; however, I will try my best to maintain this sight and I would say something will probably at least be added every week. Please spread this website to all of your friends and family. There are even more exciting things to come in future dates to this site. If you haven't checked out my other pages you definitely should! I hope that on this 7th Day this website would be declared Holy in the name of God, bringing only Joy, Love, and most of all Christ into the lives of our people. Jesus pour your blessings upon me and my words, and pour your blessing out upon this nation! Thank you Jesus! Amen! #Day7 #Blessings

"Joy in Jesus"... you may have pondered upon on the meaning behind this name. Many of you may know me and many of you may not know me, but my middle name is Joyce. I've always loved my name and one of the reasons why is because Joy is found in my name, yet I would not have a name if it weren't for my Savior. The Joy I think of when I think of my name is the Joy that I have found in Christ. Joy is something that is hard to live without. Without Joy you are never truly happy in anything you do; however, there is only one place where it may be found, and that is through God. Live your life with Joy. Live your life in God! Because where is Joy if it has no creator? And where is life if there is no Father? #Day 6


Don't live your life going back and forth. Don't become a Christian, backslide, and repeat the process. God has something for all of us! And we should try our best to do his works! The problem is that so many people want to do the work at their own timing or when it's more comfortable for them. We all fail at this sometimes! And that's okay because we can repent, but if your just going to continue failing God and giving up on him and a week later decide you want to be a Christian again then your heart isn't in the right place. Whatever you do, do it with determination, because God will help you get through this! But being a Christian is not a game that you play it's the real deal, so don't act as if it is a game. Yes, you should be a Christian, no doubt! But playing games is worse than just not being a Christian. Do the right thing! 

Many of us have wished upon a star at least once in our lifetime, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the star isn't what can make a dream come true. What can make your dreams come true is God. He will change everything for you. Now I'm not saying you'll win that bike if you pray to God, because maybe that's not something you need. But if that bike is the only ride you'll have or if it's really important to you and something you desire then prayers definitely won't hurt, and you may just be surprised at the outcome. God is a miracle worker! He hears us even when we think he doesn't! That star may not do the trick, but God will! #Day4

Don't let time slip away, commit your life to Christ today! #PersonalQuote #God'sNotDead #Day3

“He was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised to life to make us right with God.”‭‭ Romans‬ ‭4:25‬ ‭NLT‬‬ #3rdDay #HeIsRisen

#Day2onTemptation #Dontgivein

#Day2onTemptation #Dontgivein

Have Faith✝️ #1stdaypersonalquote

Don't be afraid to walk out on faith! God will guide your way! If you have to question his guidance, his guidance isn't the problem, your faith is.

Life brings challenges. One's that are beyond our control. One's that are manipulating and precise. Every wrong step brings forth more suffering. Often times we may be stuck in such positions and all we can do is rely on an image unseen in an earthly manner. What does this mean, it means believing that behind all of the scribbles (struggles) we can detect a beautiful flower or a presence so strong like our gracious Father in Heaven who will tear apart those struggles bringing life to a dead image. I believe and can see that beautiful flower! #Day1